Ukraine is Still a Free Nation

If you listen to the news and leftist idiots, you might think that good times are returning.  Nothing could be less true.  Small business which is the core of the middle class is not coming back.  Half of all economic acitivity now is government spending.  And the US government only engages in 1 economic activity, printing money.  This is going to end very badly.  No one knows if the stock market will collapse, it may not - in dollar terms.  But the dollar is going to collapse.  It is only a matter of time and this time is measured in months, not years or decades.   It is impossible for the dollar to survive when the Federal government spends $5.00 for every $2.00 it collects in taxes and pays for the shortfall by printing counterfeit dollars. And now Biden wants to increase spending so that the ratio goes to 4 to 1.  Assuming that government taxes from all those bankrupt small businesses are paid - a very questionable assumption.  It could be 8 dollars spent for every 1 dollar collected in taxes.  How long do you think that can be sustained?

So what are you going to do?  Maybe you have $200,000 in home equity, an IRA and savings?

But what are you going to do when your local government, having lost half its tax base due to bankrupt small businesses and foreclosed homes, raises your taxes to $20k a year?  And is your home really going to be worth $300k when the interest rate is 12% a year on an adjustable rate loan and fixed rates are impossible to get?

If you can get out, the time is now.  But where can you go?

Consider Ukraine!

Come and see for yourself!   We will help you stay.


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