Ukraine is an Opportunity

As you might expect, Ukraine is receptive to foreign business investment.  As you might fear, there is bureaucratic paperwork and time spent standing in lines.  We are not going to help you with that paperwork other than driving you to where you need to go.  You need a Ukrainian lawyer to help you.

Why would you want to start a business in Ukraine?

  • Ukraine has a well educated and under-employed workforce.  You will have no trouble finding intelligent and motivated workers.
  • Wage rates are low and so are government fees and taxes on payroll.
  • Office space and manufacturing space are very inexpensive.
  • You are next door to the more prosperous areas of Europe.  Ukraine is not a member of the EU but economic cooperation with EU members such as Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic can be helpful to a business in Ukraine.

The picture on the left is office space in the Podil section of Kiev.

Business Investment Opportunities for Americans in Ukraine


Днепровский район, г. Киев

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