I Committed no Crime

So why am I in prison?

I, Don, am going to write this page as myself - First Person.   It explains a major reason why I live in Ukriane.  I want to delay old age as much as possible and I enjoy every day of my life but I also know that if I am not pro-active, my last days will be spent in prison rather than my home.

It is tough to be an American.  I started working on my father's farm at 7 years of age.  At 10 I did a man's work, except in the winter when there was less work but even then there were 2 hours every evening of chores.  So I worked 60 full years.  Mistakes - abolutely, I made a few and the most significant was to marry the wrong woman, to marry for love rather than thoughtfully.  I raised 4 daughters and 3 of them are decent human beings, so that was not a mistake.  But now my sister is dead and my brother loves a Xiden voter so I cannot count on him in a pact to take care of each other.  I do not want to be a burden to my 3 good daughters, unfortunately I am likely to live longer than 1 of my daughters and the other 2 are not going to want to take care of a stubborn old man.  They will do as I and my brother did, put Dad into a nursing home when he can no longer live by himself.  If this is not what I want, and I don't, then I need to Prepare myself.  I do not want to live my last 18 months in a tiny sparse room at night.  I do not want to stand watching the world through a window during the day because the door to go out is locked and alarmed, as my Dad did. So I need to be proactive.  And so I have been, I have moved where a nursing home is unheard of.

I sold the 4 bedroom house in the suburbs in the USA and I went looking for a place where I could be safe, self sufficient and prosperous in my retirement.  Where I could find someone to care for me in my old age, without being a burden on my daughters or trusting someone untrustworthy enough to have voted for a pedophile and a Communist whore.  To be honest I was thinking that I might find a wife who would love me in Ukraine.  Instead I found Tanya, my best friend.  No, Tanya will not care for me in my old age, I will not allow it.  She might bathe me but no way would I allow her to change my diaper if I ever need one.  Her job is to find someone else to do the less pleasant tasks of taking care of an old man in his apartment - and to make sure they do not abuse me.

Elder Abuse - The Dirty Secret of US Nursing Homes

Old men confined to a nursing home frequewntly become suicidal.  It is tough for a man who worked all his life to feel useless.  But instead of giving such men something productive to do, nursing homes lock the exterior door so old men cannot leave.  Then they take the lock off the old man's "private" room so he cannot have privacy.  This is elder abuse.  Most nursing homes do this.

Old people, both men and women, are still people.  Normal people need physical contact with other normal people.  But this is forbidden in most nursing homes, particularly those run but the Catholic Church.  Even if not expressly forbidden, lack of privacy makes it impossible, even for a married couple.  Can anyone even imagine a US nursing home allowing an attractive woman to visit an old man and give him a massage?  I didn't think so, this is impossible and so the old man spends the last few years of his life without any human contact.  This is elder abuse.

Now with COVID and quarantines families are not allowed to visit their incarcerated parents and grandparents.  It is OK for the governors of New York and New Jersey and Michigan to put COVID patients into nursing homes to recover and murder tens of thousands of old people by doing so, but it is not OK for a mother or father to be visited by their families.  Even the internet is denied to the inmates, God forbid that someone might have to help them with the keyboard.  Yes, some nursing homes now allow inmates to have a cell phone but cell phones are not elder-friendly as the screens are too small for old eyes and there is no real keyboard.  This is elder abuse.

Of course the ultimate Elder Abuse happens all too often.  A nursing home employee, a minority racist, takes his entitlement rage out on a helpless old white man or white woman and someone dies of the violence.  Or more often, neglect or rough treatment, verbal insults and obvious contempt toward the old person that spent 50 years obeying the law, going to work, paying taxes and expecting a few quiet and beaceful years at the end.  Rarely do such employees even get caught much less prosecuted.  You know it is true.  You may hate to think about it, but you know it is true.

How are you going to protect yourself fronm the Horrors of a Nursing Home?  How can you afford one of the few that are honest and decent?

My friends, there are only 2 things you can hope for.  To get lucky and depend on friends and family to be observant and protect you.  Or to never go into a long term facility aka nursing home aka prison for old people in the first place.  And how do you do this without being a burden on your children who have their own families and who live lives incompatible with yours?

It is very simple, do what I am doing.  Buy a condo in Ukraine that has space for live in help.  And find someone to be your Guardian Angel when you can no longer take care of yourself.

Start now, book a trip to Kyiv, as a tourist.  Come and meet us, see for yourself

Long Term Care in Ukraine - No Nursing Hime Prison for Me!


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