Healthcare in Ukraine - Medical, Dental, Nursing Care

Can we be honest for once?  If you are old and white and dependent on Medicare or the VA for your healthcare, Xiden wants you to die ASAP so that you will vote for him and his accomplices.  You don't have to accept this, you have options..

The good news for Americans is that you can probably afford the best medical care available in Ukraine.  Most Ukrainians cannot afford much on the typical $500 as month income and have either no insurance or the standard minimal policy that costs $100 dollars a year.  The actual care is not bad, the technology is modern and the medical staff are well trained.  But a standard hospital bedroom is shabby and overcrowded and the staff are overworked and massively underpaid.  Most medical professionals working in a public hospital are poor.  Really poor.   They don't have enough money to afford a house or their own condo and they are either sleeping on their parents' couch or sharing an apartment with other doctors and nurses.  This is a legacy of socialism in the old Soviet Union where medicine was not a respected profession and the State did not care if old or sickly people died.  This is near inconceivable to Americans accustomed to doctors being very well paid.  Nevertheless it is true.

If you have American health insurance, such as Medicare, you are going to get excellent personal care.  Instead of an American doctor making the rounds and spending 5 minutes at your bed, and then moving on leaving you to the overworked nursing staff, your doctor is going to be your doctor.  What else would you expect when they are lucky enough to have a wealthy American patient that just trippeled their monthly income for personal care?  The hospital will also treat you with TLC.

But odds are pretty good that you are not going to need hospitalization and your problems are going to be treated in a private clinic.  You know what that means in the USA, an annual checkup, bloodwork and a referral to a specialist if there is anything wrong and prescriptions that may do more harm than good.  Your primary care physical is either an elderly American or a foreign born and foreign trained Physician's Assistant with a degree from a university in Pakistan that no one knows the quality of.  Instead, in Ukraine, you are going to get a real MD from a European quality University.  Your care in such a clinic is going to be substantially better than you would get from a Primary Care office in the USA.  Everyone in that clinic is going to know your name on your second visit.  As an example, Don had some warts frozen off his hand by a dermatologist, in 2 visits.  30 minute appointments.  But he also had a harmless skin lesion that was right on the belt line so a year later he returned to have it removed.  The dermatologist remembered him and wanted to see his now healed hands.  And the price for having the lesion removed, which took an hour appointment?  $135 on the Master Charge.

If you need or want cosmetic surgery, it is top notch and affordable here.  And you won't look like Nancy Pelosi a year later.

The Clinic on the left is in Comfort Town, Kyiv.

Healthcare in Ukraine - Medical, Dental, Nursing Home Care

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