Rampant Inflation

You will indeed pay $50 for a cup of coffee in the USA.  Sooner than you expect!

How can it be otherwise, with Xiden mandating $15 as the minimum wage?  Of course the manager who had been making $16 will now get $20 and right up the ladder.  This will push the manager into a new tax bracket which is the real goal of all this.  Soon the Fed will be unable to control inflation and soon interest rates on the Federal debt will rise.  The traditional interest rate in the USA is 6%.  When interest rates return to this, all the taxes the Federal government will be collecting won't even pay the interest on the Federal debt.  Taxes have to rise - for all but the poorest of the poor.  Soon that manager making $20 an hour takes home less money than the new hire earning $15 an hour - unsustainable.

You no longer have years to prepare.  You have months.  Those of us who have invested in our future by getting out of the USA are already prepared.

Inflation and Taxes in the USA


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