Ukraine is an Opportunity

What is the fundamental rule for successful investment?

Buy Low, sell High.

A person may not know what high or low are, but we can always tell the difference between them. High is a condo in New York that costs $500,000 to buy and $1,000 a month in condo fees and $20,000 a year in taxes.  Less in Boston or similar US cities, but not that much less.  Low is a comparable condo in Kiev that costs $120,000 with $35 a month in condo fees and a huge $0.00 a year in real estate taxes.

High is paying $35 an hour in salary, unemployment benefits, workers comp, Social Security taxes, health insurance, etc. for unskilled workers.  That $15 an hour in wages is just the beginning if your cost per worker.  High is also the cost of management supervision and security for irresponsible workers who cannot be trusted.  We don't know what business you would like to invest in.  We do know that the amount per hour that you pay a comparable Ukrainian worker will be less - a lot less.

What are you interested in?

In any case, we highly recommend that you come to the Ukraine as a tourist first.

Investment Opportunities for Americans in Ukraine


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