Investing in Ukraine - A legalistic jungle

You need competent legal help to buy property in Ukraine

In the USA, some laws exist for your protection as a buyer.  Some laws exist for your protection as a seller.  Some laws exist for the benefit of the legal profession.  And some laws exist just because.  It is the same in Ukraine, and you must understand that buying and selling property, creating a business, marriage and all other legal activity is both different from doing the same in the USA and similar to doing the same in the USA.  You need to have someone to trust in Ukraine, someone who is on your side and competent.

Fyi, there is a reason why there are so many notaries in Ukraine.

One thing that is substantially different is that paying for property such as a house is normally done in cash.  Credit is expensive and hard to get so don't expect a 30 year mortgage at 4%.  Don't be surprised if you are paying for that house or condo in $100 bills.  Don't be surprised by having 6 or 8 people at your closing.  And don't be surprised if the process takes 2 days.

Our job is to be on your side, to make sure all your documents are correct and taxes are paid correctly and on time.  Making a mistake can be costly for you and it is better for you to pay competent people and for us to do things right.

Everyone here wants you to have a safe and successful transaction.  Everyone from the Ukrainian national government on down wants thousands of people like you to do what you successfully did.  We need you as a reference more than we want the last possible dollar from you.  We want millions of Americans to follow your example.

Investing in Ukraine - Requirements and Details


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