Issues Resolved

We highly recommend that your first trip to Ukraine be as a tourist.  Come and see for yourself!

To the left, Don in his Kyiv condo.  Below: Issues.

Traveling to Ukraine - you need a US or EU Passport, a ticket and money for up to 90 days.
Living in Ukraine - to stay after 90 days you need a Residence Permit.
Investing, working and buying property in Ukraine.
Healthcare in Ukraine - dental, health insurance, emergency care.
Driving and Transportation - the Metro, buses, taxis, owning a car.
Safety and Crime Issues - better than most of the USA

We are here to help.  Except for not having a significant health issue, Don has done it all and he came here to look 4 years ago knowing no one.

Issues of Moving to and living in Ukraine - Resolved


Днепровский район, г. Киев

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