Live in Ukraine - if you can

If you can, it is better to live here in Ukraine full time.

Unfortunately many people cannot.  If you are working age and your job cannot be done over the Internet, you are kind of stuck in the USA.  But if you have a manufacturing business, if you would like to buy a farm or if you have fixed income then you belong here.  Now.

In particular, anyone with fixed income or significant retirement assets belongs here and not in the USA.  Consider, the cost of living.  In Ukraine for a normal upscale condo, all your utilities, condo fee, heat, electricity, water, cable/Internet and cell phone plan will total under $250 a month.  You will pay more than that for heat alone if you are in the north of the USA or for electricity alone if you are in the south of the USA and have to pay for air conditioning.  But that is not the most significant cost that retirees face in the USA.  The most significant cost is the eventual cost of nursing home care in the USA - and living in what is essentially a prison for old people.  Live here in your own condo or home and hire full time live in help.  You may pay 10% of what you would pay for nursing home care in the USA and you get to live in your own home and eat the food you like rather than living in a glorified prison.  Plus you can probably afford to retire at 62 rather than 68, and have an extra 5 good years.

To visit for 90 days is not a problem.  Even if you overstay your 90 day limit, you will just have to pay a couple hundred dollar fine when you leave.  But then you need to wait 90 days before you can return.  To work here is not a problem either, if your employer or customers are in the USA.  But if your employer is here or if you want to stay beyond 90 days you will need some combinations of work permits and either Temporary Residence or Permanent Residence.

Residence Permits and Work Permits are a big part of the service we provide.  Our job is to make sure you are not rejected in your applications and that you do not pay too much.

Our job is also to help you create an LLC or a corporation and to make sure all your documents and taxes are paid correctly and on time.  Making a mistake can be costly for you and it is better to pay us and do things right.

Pay attention to that symbol.  The world has turned upside down since the Motherland statue was built.  Back then Ukraine was under the yoke of Communism.  Now Ukraine is a free nation.  Back then the USA was a free nation, now it is near Communist.  If you do not wish to live as a slave to government, come to Ukraine, we have not forgotten what the USA is now learning.

Living in Ukraine - Requirements and Cost


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