House Poor

This was Don's house in the USA.  He loved it but sold it.

Why you ask?  Nice neighborhood and good neighbors.  Minimal mortgage.  But real estate taxes went up $1000 a year between 2016 and 2017.  God only knows what they will be in 2021 after the city of 50,000 people where this house is located lost one fourth of its business tax base in 2020 to bankruptcy.  And will lose another fourth before May of 2021.  And even more through the summer.  Do you think the teachers in the public schools will take a pay cut to compensate for the loss of tax revenue?   How about the firemen and police and road maintenance staff?  Will concrete and asphalt to fix the roads cost less or fuel to heat the schools and government buildings? 

Of course not!  All these things are going to cost more, not less!

So where is the local money to pay for all these things going to come from with half the tax base gone to business bankruptcies and out of work homeowners unable to pay their taxes?  Well, look to the new owners of this house, if they can pay they are going to have to pay double, triple, even more in 2021 and 2022.  Otherwise the town will take legal action.  It is going to suck to own taxable property in the USA.

House Poor from Taxes in the USA


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