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When the VP of the USA advocates bailing out the rioters that did things like this, are you sure you want to stay in the USA?

When an economy, a society collapses, it is not pretty.  And that is exactly what is happening in the USA now.  54 years ago the USA spent too much on a war and tried to add a lot of socialist welfare at the same time.  The result was 12% real unemployment and 18% real annual inflation during the Carter years.  But that was when the USA had a debt to GDP ratio of about 40.  4 years ago it was 100, a year ago it was 107 but now it is 146 and expected to exceed 200 in 2021.  We can no longer grow our way out of this.  There is no good way out.  The only way out is massive devaluation of the dollar. In relation to other currencies like the Euro, the dollar today buys twice what it should.  With Xiden proposing to add an additional $4 trillion in "stimulus to the deficit it is going to get very bad very quickly.  If Xiden gets his way (and who is there to stop him?) the USA will be spending $11 trillion and collecting only at most $4 trillion in taxes by year end. We are in the last year of the Ponzi scheme that is the US Dollar.

If you are a normal American and you have savings and investments and a house, you need to get out of the Ponzi scheme NOW!  Unless you want to pay $50 for a cup of coffee at Dunkin. (expiation)   Unless you want to pay $100,000 in annual real estate taxes (expiation) on your house that you would be lucky to get $300k for today.  Yes, it really could be that bad.  The economic numbers say it will be worse than this.

When an economy collapses, so does society.  This is inevitable when people have been told all their lives that they are entitled to what they did not earn.

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