Emergency Services

Your most important issue will be having someone to call if there is an emergency

Personal crime will not be a big issue here in Ukraine.  Most Americans know from experience how to avoid a dangerous situation.  Don't get in bar fights, don't be alone in a suspicious neighborhood.  Your odds of being a victim of a violent crime are much lower here than in most of the USA but there are a few things to be aware of:

  • Your most significant threat is a health issue or falling and breaking something in your latest home improvement project.  If you live alone, don't be too far from your cell phone.  If you want we can provide a service to check in with you a few times a day.  fyi, the project was to install soundproofing on the bedroom wall shared with the next apartment.  If you intend to buy a bare walls apartment, things like this are why you should let Tanya's crew do your finish work.
  • Pickpockets on public transportation are a problem.  Don't carry your passport unless you are going to cross a border.  Get a small shielded wallet for 1 credit card and your Residence Permit and maybe a couple of store frequent shopper cards.  Carry this wallet where it is not easily picked.  Not in a backpack or a purse that someone can grab and run with.
  • If you have children, don't let them be on the street alone.  Right now things are still safe but that is going to change now that Xiden in back in power.  You don't understand?   OK, we will tell you, you need to understand.  Hunter Biden was making child porn here in Ukraine, using young children kidnapped off the street.  8-10 year old blond boys were prime targets but also girls too.  When Joe could no longer protect this industry, it ended but Joe is back in power and now Hunter and his buddies are or soon will be hunting again.  Plus, we are close to Turkey and there are still slave markets in Turkey.  If you are considering Odessa, be particularly wary of your kids playing on the beach.  Ukrainian kids do play on the street, but you will quickly notice that they are almost never alone and usually in a group of several kids.
  • We recommend living in a new and secure condo complex like Comfort Town.  If you are going to the center, go with a friend and have fun and don't worry, this Kyiv is about the same size as Chicago but it is definitely not Chicago.

Guns are really rare here in Ukraine but knives are common.  If you are retirement age we recommend that you carry a personal protection cane.  Just having it will deter someone from grabbing your backpack or purse and running.  We can refer you to someone familiar with using a cane as a self defense weapon.  The great thing about such a cane and the knowledge of how to use that cane is that it works even better in the USA, when you go back to visit.

Personal Safety in Ukraine - Emergency Services


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