Welcome to Ukraine

Leave the storm, leave the tears, come to a beautiful place where you are welcome!

Maybe you worked for 45 years.  Maybe you served in the military and came home with scars and missing years and missing friends who never returned except in a plastic bag.  Maybe you raised a family and paid your taxes and obeyed the law and thanked God for your blessings.

And now you are told that you did not earn what you have and have no right to a secure retirement.  You are told that you are privileged and must pay reparations to people who squandered their lives on drugs and could not hold a job mainly because they could not get to work on time or arrive sober.  You are told that your taxes must pay for the fancy college degrees of rich kids who do not want to repay their student loans because they would rather buy the BMW while you drive a 15 year old F150.  And now you are told that you cannot go to church because of quarantines and in a few years you will be locked into a prison called "nursing home" and never see your family and friend in person again.

This is what you are told.  Maybe it is time for you to do what you want to do instead of what you are told to do?  Maybe it is time for you to leave - and take your money with you?  Maybe it is time you enjoy what you honestly earned and tell them where to put the guilt trip they want to lay onto you!

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Днепровский район, г. Киев

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