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Owning a car may not be really necessary.

Most people in the major cities do not own a car.  Many who do own a car do not drive them to work, especially if they are going to the center.  Public transportation is cheap and easy while finding a place to park in many parts of the big cities is not easy.

There are a lot of metro (subway) stations and the metro is clean, easy, on time, safe and really cheap.  Especially on the east side of the river.  In addition there is an extensive network of buses, rail trolleys and the best avoided mini bussedddddddddddddddddd

As a third alternative, there are several large taxi companies including Uber, Bolt and Uklon.   Plus, Uber runs a shuttle service which is less expensive than a taxi and more comfortable and less crowded than the buses.

Our job includes teaching you how to use all 3.  Between cities there are airlines, trains and buses.  Depending on your plans, you may also want to hire a driver and car for a day or even a few days.  Remember wages are low in Ukraine, hiring a driver for all day is a reasonable option and might be a better idea than renting a car.

Your final option, of course, is to own a car.  Unfortunately there is a hefty tax on all automobiles imported into Ukraine and there is no domestic auto production.  Fortunately, as an American, you can buy a car from outside Ukraine or even ship your American car here.  There are certain issues regarding bringing a foreign registered car into Ukraine but we can help you with that.  You also need auto insurance but it is cheap.  Just remember that this insurance is liability insurance, if you smash up your expensive car, you pay to repair or replace it, not the insurance company.

Transportation in Ukraine - Public and Automobile Ownership


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